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The winter months have hit us and unless you live in Southern California Wholesale Kiko Alonso Jersey , most people aren't swimming in open-air pools any longer.

Until recent times, Indie Artists and the labels they set up for themselves had a hard time getting their music heard by anyone outside their own backyard pool of fans. With guerilla marketing finally becoming common practice and online music stores becoming a main stay for the music aficionado, record pools are now open for business to the general indie population.

What is a record pool? Basically, a record pool is a membership of DJ's that act as an intermediary between DJ's and the music makers. The power behind a record pool is that it can reach a mass, global market in lightening speed.

As of 2005, there are over 7000 DJ's and industry professionals who are part of this digital revolution. In order for a DJ to belong to a record pool, they must pay a monthly association fee to obtain the latest and most current music.

Frequently this music is available to them before it becomes available to mainstream radio, and because of that Wholesale Byron Maxwell Jersey , record pools quite often have more of an initial impact than the popular mainstream outlets.

The power radio programmers have over radio, clubs and street music is now handed over to the DJ's who participate in the record pools, allowing them to have control over what they "break."

So how can you get an invitation to swim in their pool? No invitations necessary, but you must have a good professional product that is available in digital format (although I did find one that accepted vinyl).

Some of the record pools now require that you have your own label, meaning that you don't submit as your band name. That is easily done by setting up your own label (too much information to go into here, but you can find the information inside my book The Indie Guide to Music, Marketing and Money).

Once you have the business side taken care of, start searching the internet using the keywords Wholesale Anthony Steen Jersey , "record pool," and then contact them to be certain that your style of music is part of their repertoire.

Don't randomly send out your online or hard copy press kit to every record pool you find, just as you wouldn't send your music to every station you discover. E.g., a country record pool isn't interested in acid rock and a classical record pool won't be interested in spinning a blue grass tune. Then begin to submit your CDs using the contact information you acquired. Do you homework and beware of companies that don't post charts or may be music collectors.

Here are a few record pools I found on the web:

http:www.americanrecordpool (they represent an assortment of music, including R&B, Hip-Hop and Dance.)
http:www.keystonespinners (they represent Hip Hop, Latin, World and Jazz)
http:www.recordpools (they represent Dance Wholesale Chase Allen Jersey , Hip Hop, and Latin)

The time for indie artists is upon us, but you better take advantage of record pools now, before someone puts a "no swimming without a lifeguard" sign out. Copyright 2006
Posted by Adaptive Tech Solutions on February 20, 2016

So, you've bought one or more single output communication buttons. Here's some ideas on how to use them!

Record the Happy Birthday Song so the user can sing to someone on their special day.
Place 2 buttons on the fridge. On one, put a picture that represents drinking, on the other put a picture that represents eating.
Record a portion of your morning circle time routine. Let the user press the switch to say their part in the morning routine.
Add pictures that represent the steps for an activity. Record the instructions for that step on each of the buttons.
Record a count down "3-2-1!" so the switch user can count down an event such as letting a balloon go Wholesale Mike Hull Jersey , or sending up a toy rocket.
Give the user only a small portion of their snack, Record "I want more" on their button and let them user ask for more snack.
In the morning, record something special for your child to tell their teacher. Have the teacher record a message at the end of the day. Let the student push the button to share the messages.
Pick a book with a repeating phrase. Record the phrase and let the child press their button to read the phrase when it comes up in the book.
Record "Read the next page" so they can tell you when they are ready to have you read more of a story.
Record a line from the school play so the child can have their turn at saying their line on stage.
Pick a movie, then record "I would like a ticket to ______". Let the user press their switch at the box office to buy their own ticket.
Decide food and drink choices before the waiter comes to take your order. Record the choices on the communication button so the user can order their own meal.
Record a prayer for bedtime or dinnertime recitation.
Record "It's my turn", "It's your turn", "No cheating" for use during game play.
Record "Do you have anything for me to take to the office?" so the user can go around to the classrooms and retrieve items to take to the school office.
Record "Do you have any shredding?" so the user can collect documents to shred from co-workers.
Add a button by the toilet that says "I'm finished."
Record "I need help". Use it in a variety of situations to reduce frustration.
Record "I want some attention" so the user can press their switch to ask for attention (instead of screaming!)
Record "Yummy" on one button and "Yucky" on another before trying a new food or drink.
Record "I want something different". Use it to ask for different tv shows, different . Cheap MLB Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Hockey Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys