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great humor years later.   Mar 6 Fév 2018 07:02
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It seems unlikely that anyone could improve his or her marriage in one evening. Well read on! Any positive step in the right direction is an improvement that will continue as long as the efforts continue to be made.

As our recent MarriageAdvice poll showed, more than 40% of our 207 respondents identified that the single biggest frustration in their marriage was that their husbands "Didn't Communicate Enough".

Below is a 8-step process to insure that both partners are communicating well.

Step #1 - Decide To Communicate

There are really only two options when it comes to communicating...either you do it or your don't. It's better to try and communicate and fumble around a bit than ignore the problem until it explodes like a pent up volcano.

The wise spouse will work to resolve and discuss their feelings before the lava of scalding words overflows.

Part of deciding to communicate will include setting aside a time each week to discuss family needs and concerns. This would also be a good time to resolve any minor conflicts that have arisen during the week but weren't fully taken care of previously.

Step #2 - Choose A Good Time

If a more heated conflict occurs, it's important to find the right time to discuss the matter. Waiting for your scheduled night for communicating would not be the best idea; however, taking a little time to give both partners time to cool off is important as well.

Working to resolve a big conflict should wait until a time when both parties are not wrung out, angry, tire, or hungry. Your physical state directly impacts your mental state and your ability to work through problems in a rational manner.

Additionally, as we allow ourselves time to calm down Cheap Babe Ruth Jersey , we are better able to carefully think about what is really bothering us besides this specific event. In many cases, the topic of the current disagreement may not be the real problem.

As we take time to ponder and look for the root of the problem, we are better able to expand our vision to the whole picture and not just have tunnel vision of the current problem at hand. Keep in mind, it may just be we've had a bad day and this problem was the last straw.

It's much easier to resolve a problem when we have a better perspective of what is really going on inside of our head and heart.

Step #3 - Neutralize Defenses

Before you have a deep discussion on something that is bothering you, consider two things. First, your spouse will be more receptive to the discussion if you reinforce your love, and express appreciation and confidence in their many attributes.

Second, you choose if you will be irritated or angry, so you need to express yourself in a away that acknowledges your responsibility for your feelings. "You make me so mad!" Really is a false statement because you have allowed yourself to become mad.

However,if you said, "When you make fun of me in front of our friends Cheap Jimmie Foxx Jersey , it embarrasses me and I feel angry and frustrated," you would be giving a very accurate statement about what has happened to you. Invite your spouse to help you solve this problem you are having, then they become part of the solution, not the problem.

Step #4 - Use Humor

Like they say, "laughter is the best medicine". It's true, physiologically, it relieves stress, and mentally it gives you a time out to relax. You will find that the longer you have been married, the more you have to laugh about.

Many things that were painful or frustrating at the time can be viewed with great humor years later.

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